We are passionate and experienced digital marketers influenced by a growing and thriving digital economy. Our team is constantly looking for marketers interested in the cutting to stay relevant in a constantly changing digital landscape.



Every member of our team is a Co-creator.


Co-creators have an entrepreneurial spirit, individual skill sets, and a unique perspective to bring to the table. Diversity is very important at HG DMA because we don’t ever want to settle for doing things the way “we always have”. Diverse mindsets, backgrounds, and personalities will bring us consistent improvement and drive innovation in an ever changing business environment.

We operate as teams in a holacracy.

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This means we mitigate any top level executive presence and focus our leadership amongst one another. It has been found that cities operate best in separate groups managing and delegating amongst one another rather than reporting to a main delegator. So why can’t a business operate the same way? We put trust and empowerment into our Creators. No one is limited to a job description and we all pull together as a team to drive results.


We don’t count your hours on the clock. We measure success by results.

+4 Day Work Week


At HG DMA, success is not defined by numbers on a paper but by engagement, happiness, and holistic health in your life. A work life balance is important to The Next Generation and we are leading that value by operating on a 4 day work week.


Our offices were built on the idea that success breeds more success. We want to redefine the way work is done.​


As a Co-Creator, you will enjoy:

+Global Access

to our 3,300+ locations. 

+Free Wifi

So you can connect from anywhere in the world. 

+Networking Events

with access to co-working spaces working among like-minded people.

This allows you to work from our office and work remotely from wherever your mind works best. As you develop with us, you will go from our 4 day in office work week to a 1 day in office work week. This earns you the ability to work 3 days from wherever you want.


We foster a culture of recognition and appreciation of our co-creators. We instill engagement and fun in our monthly squad events. Whether it be a baseball game, concert, or theme park, we want our co-creators to enjoy being part of The Next Generation. This ties into our millennial thinking concept where everyone is included, involved and innovative.


We believe in giving back to the community.

Every Co-Creator receives compensation for 4 hours of volunteer work every month.


If all this sounds like something you would want to be a part of, please click the button below to fill out an application to let us know more about you.