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Non-Profit Management

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Empowering Animal Welfare Organizations for a Brighter Future

At HG Design+, we have extensive experience and expertise in providing professional website and app design services to animal shelters and rescues. We understand that having a strong online presence is essential for animal welfare organizations to reach a wider audience, raise funds, and connect with potential adopters and volunteers.

We provide comprehensive support to animal welfare organizations including non-profit rescues and shelters. We understand that animal welfare organizations have unique needs, and our team of experts is dedicated to working with you to develop effective strategies that will help your organization thrive.

Amplify Your Message

At HG Design, we specialize in serving a variety of animal welfare organizations with comprehensive branding, design, and business operational solutions. From shelters and adoption centers to foster-based rescues and veterinarians, we provide tailored services to meet the unique needs of each client. Our team of experts is dedicated to crafting compelling branding materials, designing engaging websites, and implementing effective marketing strategies to help these organizations thrive. With our passion for animal welfare and our commitment to excellence, we empower our clients to make a lasting impact in their communities.​

Comprehensive Solutions

​HG Design+ offers tailored solutions to enhance digital presence and operational efficiency. Our expertise in website design and development ensures compelling online platforms to connect with donors, volunteers, and adopters. Through mobile app development, we increase accessibility, streamlining processes for engagement and support. Additionally, our search engine optimization (SEO) services elevate online visibility, amplifying the impact of these organizations in the digital sphere.

Website + Mobile App

Our team excels in crafting memorable logos, eye-catching graphics, and compelling visual materials to effectively communicate the organization's mission. Additionally, we offer printing services to ensure high-quality promotional materials, from brochures to event banners.

In tandem with our marketing efforts, we specialize in fundraising support tailored to the unique needs of each organization. Our team collaborates closely with clients to develop customized fundraising strategies that maximize donor engagement and support. From managing online fundraising campaigns to organizing events and appeals, we leverage innovative approaches to drive donations and sustainably support animal welfare initiatives.

Marketing Solutions

Our expertise in the animal welfare sector stems from our combined fifteen year experience in the non-profit arena. This firsthand involvement has provided us with invaluable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities faced by organizations dedicated to animal welfare. Leveraging this experience, we specialize in adoption management, offering tailored solutions to streamline the adoption process and maximize successful placements. From event planning and coordination to the development of online adoption portals, our services are designed to optimize efficiency and enhance the overall adoption experience for both animals and adopters.


In addition to adoption management, we excel in social media solutions tailored specifically to the needs of animal welfare organizations. With a keen understanding of the power of social media in driving engagement and support, we offer customized strategy development, content creation, and management services. Our expertise extends to social media advertising campaigns, leveraging targeted approaches to reach and inspire audiences to take action in support of animal welfare causes. Through our comprehensive social media solutions, we empower organizations to effectively leverage digital platforms to raise awareness, engage supporters, and drive positive change in the lives of animals in need.

Unleashing Impact

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